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We are able to intervene on GUASCOR, MAN, DEUTZ, AIFO, SCANIA, PERKINS, MWM and CATERPILLAR engines installed on generation, cogeneration and trigeneration plants, emergency groups and railway systems.

Assistance service is performed directly on the plant or at our facilities for major operations.

Our service contracts are tailored to the needs of each customer, from engine start up to major inspection, with maintenance contracts like “economy”, “service”, “full service” and “standby duty”.

Our fully qualified technicians, equipped with a mobile workshop, can intervene directly on the plant.

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Partner & assistance center

we are partner and authorized assistance center of companies with over ten years experience in the field

  • Sokraterm

    It offers a range of cogenerators fitted with Man engines, with ranges going from 50 to 520 kw.

  • ETW

    It offers a range of cogenerators fitted with MWM engines, with ranges going from 500 to 2500 kw.
    In addition, the company already has multiple biomethane plants on the market, whose results are surprising for their high performances and low energy consumption.
    It is currently the only company offering an upgrade package to be applied to the existing biogas plant.

Authorized center

Guascor, Man & Motortech

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